Gone are the days when living in a luxurious mansion is the only status symbol.In the United States, the tiny homes market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% between 2020 and 2024.

大豪邸に住むことがステータスだった時代はもう終わり。アメリカでは、Tiny homes市場は、2020-2024年にかけて、年平均7%延びると言われています。

Though there is no set definition of what constitutes as a “Tiny Home”, roughly speaking, it is a 25-120m2 energy-saving house.

Tiny Homeの定義は決まっていませんが、ざっくり言うと25-120平米で省エネに優れた家を指します。

In addition to reducing the amount of electricity used for heating, cooling, and lighting, research data shows that it can also lead to an increase in general environmental awareness and changes in food, lifestyle, and even transportation.


Niu Haus, designed and built by students at a Spanish university, is a concept model home that allows people to live completely off-grid with solar panels, a composting toilet, and a rainwater collection system.

スペインの大学で作られたNiu Hausはソーラーパネル、コンポストするトイレ、雨水を集めるシステムなどを導入していて完全off-gridで暮らせるコンセプトモデル。

Perhaps the greatest luxury in modern society is to let go of our possessions and to live a simple life in harmony with the environment.