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Sustainable Makeup


Sustainable Makeup

A range of different actions and initiatives are underway in an effort to reduce the large amount of waste from makeup products which are used every day.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Sustainable Makeup

TwoTrees offers reusable cotton pads made from bamboo. Since the fiber is derived from bamboo, the cotton pads are strong and can be reused. By using bamboo which is also known for its speedy growth, they are also helping eliminate deforestation.


Photo by TwoTrees

Sustainable Makeup

SHAQUDA’s makeup brushes UBU are specially designed without using any metal fittings. Since they do not rust, these brushes can be used for a longer period of time and there is no need to sort and take them apart when disposing of them.


Photo by SHAQUDA

Sustainable Makeup

Sweet LeiLani’s cosmetics do not use any animal products and have a low impact on the environment. They also take carbon footprint into consideration from production to delivery.

Sweet LeiLaniの化粧品は、動物由来の素材を一切使っていないので環境への負荷がとても低く抑えられます。また生産から配送まで、カーボンフットプリントに配慮しています。

Photo by Sweet Leilani Cosmetics

Sustainable Makeup

Rohto Pharmaceutical and MatsumotoKiyoshi have started a joint effort to collect empty skincare containers. The great part is that they accept containers from any brand.


Souce : Rohto

Sustainable Makeup

Different players are making efforts in various ways to reduce the amount of waste in our imminent environment.


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Sustainable Makeup

Makeup supplies are daily necessities, not luxuries. For this reason, instead of holding back in order to reduce waste, why not use products that are fun for you, environmentally friendly, and stylish.


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Sustainable Makeup

New ideas created by new businesses are paving the way to a world of Co-being.